Levels of Membership

RDO Business Membership    $200 yr. 

The Registered Dispensing Ophthalmic Business membership includes membership for one owner or designee and is a full voting member of CADO. Eligible for CADO board and committee positions. Owner/designee is not eligible for individual membership. Employees of member RDO business may attend professional development events at the member discount rate. Sign Up

RSLD/RCLD Licensed Membership    $99 yr. 

An individual, licensed Registered Spectacle Lens Dispenser and/or Registered Contact Lens Dispenser working for an RDO business. Receives CADO member discount for professional development events. Eligible for CADO committee positions. Sign Up

Individual Membership   $69 yr.

An unlicensed individual employed in the optical industry as a Dispensing Optician, Optometric Tech, or anyone working in the optical field. CADO member discount for professional development events. Eligible for CADO committee positions. Sign Up

Retiree Membership   $49 yr.

Retired Optician Member - Over 67 years old and not working for pay. CADO member discount for professional development events. Eligible for committee positions. Sign Up

*All memberships are subject to board approval

CADO Membership Benefits

  • Discounted educational fees
  • Receive Email Newsletters
  • Membership Certificates
  • Optical questions answered by experts via email
  • In person Networking events
  • Liaison with the Board of Optometry 
  • National membership in the Opticians Association of America (OAA) – (RDO Owner/Designee)
  • Voting member status – (RDO Owner/Designee)
  • Limited Access to legal – (RDO Owner/Designee)

CADO would like to invite you to join the California Association of Dispensing Opticians. Why become a member of CADO?

  • Strength in numbers! A strong State Association means a stronger profession. The more members we have, the more influence we have to further the future of opticianry in California…
  • The State Association helps to protect the profession. A strong Association can afford to hire a legislative watchdog to monitor any activity regarding the profession and alert us to any critical issues that might adversely affect your livelihood, such as reducing your scope of practice.  
  • Fosters comradery… Joining other opticians in the State Association binds you together with a larger community of opticians to meet and discuss common challenges and other issues that you and others may be dealing with, such as; staffing, training, pricing, and changes in the laws.
  • Save money… On professional development events and continuing education credits at our educational seminars. Reduce educational fees on ABO-NCLE courses and other events throughout the year.
  • Dual Membership. Your membership in CADO automatically applies to membership in the Opticians Association of America, OAA, the national optician’s association. A $30 value which is included.
  • Periodic email Newsletters from CADO and OAA. Keep up to date with what is happening in the state and nation regarding opticianry.
  • Website Listings. Listing Career opportunities and items for sale or purchase on CADO’s website job listings and classified sections. 

Why are educated Opticians Important?

  • Educated Opticians show confidence in their knowledge of optics.
  • Educated Opticians gain the respect of their patients and their doctors.
  • Educated Opticians help their practices grow and make more money.
  • Educated Opticians create excellent patient outcomes.
  • Educated Opticians reduce ordering errors and lab redoes.

Join CADO and invest in your education and future!

CADO's membership dues are a yearly commitment from January 1 - December 31.